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  • Apply the primer with a roller, broom, brush or spray over the timber substrate.
  • Priming timber floors; use straight from the container. Do not dilute with water or solvent. All timber substrates must be solid. Open timber joints must be sealed before applying the primer.
  • 002 Bond Primer is used as part of the Hebel PowerFloor System, refer to separate Data Sheet on this procedure.
  • Best results are achieved when the Fibre Reinforced Self Leveling Cement is applied just as the Primer is tacky to touch.

Acouslime 002 Bond Primer for timber substrates and Hebel PowerFloor is an easy to use all-purpose acrylic bonding agent, which improves the adhesion of Acouslime Fibre Reinforced Self Levelling Cement to timber surfaces. It has excellent bonding and flexible characteristics whilst being resistant to water and ageing.