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Looking for a long-lasting finish for your deck? Merbau is an extremely popular choice for outdoor decking and other construction projects because it is highly durable, naturally resistant to splitting and cracking and resistant to termites and rotting. Additionally, it looks great with its beauty and distinctive red-brown tone, giving your deck a crisp, sharp appearance. For the best of merbau decking, be sure to check out the IKA Housing & flooring range!

We supply various species of Merbau timber in Brisbane that are durable against the harsh Australian climate while maintaining a beautiful natural look to enhance the aesthetics of the decking space. Boards are kiln-dried and various sizes and grading are available.

Timber is a spectacular and versatile natural material. It yields a vast variety in colour, texture and naturally occurring features. This diversity can be apparent even between pieces selected from batches of the same species. Finishing can also affect colour variation and may even highlight subsurface features.

What is Merbau Timber?

Merbau timber is a tropical hardwood from the South East Asia Pacific Islands. Merbau is a popular choice for outdoor spaces due to its many advantages. The advantages of Merbau wood timber products include its natural durability, resistance to termites, rotting and bushfire resistance. 

You will find this incredible wood distinctively red-brown in colour with darker streaks running through it giving your deck a crisp and sharp appearance. The timber from Merbau trees is also popular for boat building, as a veneer and joinery. 

The timeless aesthetic quality of a solid timber floor cannot be rivalled. Boost the value of your home or space by adding Merbau timber to your property. We provide our customers access to quality building materials for the lowest price.

Brisbane’s Best Merbau Timber

Merbau is an excellent choice for outdoor decking. In addition to its aesthetic quality, it is very durable, and s a popular choice for outdoor furniture and other outdoor projects. Merbau wood decking uses very dense timber, meaning it will last long without showing signs of wear and tear. 

Merbau may be the perfect choice for creating your project if you are looking for beautiful and long-lasting timber products. It is one of the most popular decking timbers because it is less expensive than other hardwood deckings and has a high durability rating.


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Benefits Of Using Merbau for Timber Deck

There are many benefits to using Merbau timber in Brisbane, including its durability, rot and termite resistance, bushfire resistance, splitting and cracking resistance and striking appearance.

Additionally, because it is such a dense timber, it can last many years with proper care and maintenance.

Merbau may be the perfect choice for you if you are looking for beautiful and long-lasting timber.

Merbau for Outdoor Furniture

Merbau timber offers a variety of benefits, including its strength, workability, rot and termite resistance, and striking appearance. It has become a popular choice for outdoor furniture. 

Merbau timber in Brisbane is exceptionally suited to open-air use. It is rated Class 1 for over the ground use, making it a perfect timber for decking and outdoor furniture.

This means that when used as deck planks, decking boards or rails, it can last for over 40 years with proper use. Among its biggest advantages, this wood is resistant to termites, which means it won’t degrade even in areas where termites are common.

Merbau Workability 

Merbau timber glues and finishes well. It is straightforward to see through, install and work with.

This implies you don’t need to strain an excessive amount with regard to planning and laying your Merbau decking.

90 x 19mm

Merbau $5.5/lineal metre inc GST

140 x 19mm

Merbau $9.00/lineal metre inc GST

140 x 25mm

Merbau $14.50/lineal metre inc GST

Merbau Deck Maintenance

Taking these simple steps after your decking is installed will help to ensure that your Merbau decking stays looking great for many years to come.

Merbau is a beautiful, rich-coloured hardwood timber that requires much less maintenance than some other hardwoods. It is well regarded for its high usability, resistance to termites and exceptional resilience.

Quality Merbau Material at the Lowest Prices

We recommend that care be taken when making a preference selection based on a single sample piece or a small area sample. In all cases, timber decking supplied will deviate in appearance between jobs and display samples. However, it is this deviation that makes every timber deck absolutely unique.

To supply the highest quality decking while bringing the cost down for our customers, we directly source our decking directly from the reliable sawmills and manufacturers located locally and overseas.

All our products are FSC and Indonesian Legal Wood Certified, being sourced from responsibly managed forests. The decking boards are engineered with wood plastic composite (WPC) technology which allows them to last longer than traditional timber decking without any maintenance. With our showroom and warehouse located in Brisbane Australia, we are running as a local family business. We also work with quality local brands that provide the best value to our customers. From the latest hybrid and veneer ranges to traditional hardwood timber decking in brisbane, we can supply a vast range of flooring options that will suit all your requirements.

*For prices and more on the uses of Merbau, like Merbau wall cladding, visit our Merbau hardwood feature wall cladding page.

*Price can vary depending on availability & quantity ordered. Minimum order may apply.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Merbau timber is an extremely durable material. With proper care and maintenance, you can expect Merbau timber in Brisbane to last up to 40 years or more without decay. Merbau may be a perfect choice if you are looking for timber built to last.

Staining Merbau decking is unnecessary, but it can help protect the timber from the elements and extend its lifespan. If you decide for your Merbau decking to be stained or painted, make sure to use a product designed for Merbau decking.

Sanding is not required for Merbau, but if you wish to refresh the look of your flooring, one of its many benefits is that it can be sanded and stained several times.

This is more expensive than treated pine, but it’s much more attractive and may have a longer life if properly maintained. The boards are made with high quality and renowned hardwood species. For more on our Brisbane merbau deck pricing and merbau decking sizes, be sure to get in contact or visit our store!

Much of the Merbau comes from southeast Asian rain forests. We operate our own sawmill and factory in Indonesia, where we manufacture most of our timber products. By operating locally in Australia and in our own factory in Indonesia, we are able to eliminate the middleman and redirect our savings to our customers.

Merbau composite decking is a type of decking made from a mixture of wood fibres and plastic.

Merbau decking is an extremely durable material, meaning it will last many years with proper care and maintenance. Merbau may be a perfect choice if you are looking for a decking option built to last.

We provide our customers access to the latest products, quality and cost effective building materials, from certified Merbau flooring to the latest hybrid ranges. We can supply a vast range of indoor flooring options that will suit your house or business property.